About Us

Piedmont Blue CBD products were developed with one goal in mind: to offer the highest-quality CBD products at affordable prices, in a market where consumers face uncertainty about how to choose the right brand.

Our Growers

Piedmont Blue began with the desire to offer pure, superior quality, products to consumers of CBD. Our ingredients are sourced from Golden Piedmont Labs and follow stringent standards starting with the soil, and continue that method through to the end product. By utilizing the unique relationship with their growers, we are able to offer the purest ingredients in every Piedmont Blue item we offer.

Our Process

Piedmont Blue’s oils are sourced from Golden Piedmont Labs, a Virginia based extraction company. Oils are made using a proprietary extraction system delivering the ability to extract and target compounds from industrial hemp. Utilizing a closed-loop system with ethanol extraction and mechanical centrifugation, ensures a high-purity, consistent product. This technology targets specific compounds found only in cannabis, effectively maximizing yields.

Our Testing

All Piedmont Blue products are tested in-house and by a third-party testing facility for potency, contamination, pesticides, quality, and unique terpene profiles. We ensure that each product we create adheres to our standards of quality. View our Lab Reports here.